How to pick the best Travel Insurance?

Picking out a good tourist insurance contrary to appearances is very troublesome and should not be underestimated. Other insurance will work during a short one in Europe, and we will need a completely different trip during the trip to the USA or South America. There is no one universal insurance that works in every situation. If someone claims that it exists, it is certainly very expensive and contains a lot of unnecessary additions.

What to check before choosing an travel insurance policy?

When selecting an offer, carefully read the contract and all exclusions. First of all, you should think about what you would like to do your vacation. Depending on whether you plan to spend time actively, for example: diving, going canoeing or walking the tropical jungle or mainly lying on the beach and sunbathing. We have to choose completely different insurance packages. All sports are generally recognized by insurance companies as factors that increase the risk of damage. In some, skiing is already an extreme sport and if we break a leg on the slope with a basic package, the insurer will not cover the damage. In others, extreme sport is riding outside designated routes. The amount of insurance is very important, especially in the US where the costs of ordinary surgery can make you dizzy. A bill for operation or a hospital stay in the US often amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another important factor is pre existing conditions, most insurers exclude them from the scope of insurance. It should be checked whether the policy includes the transport of corpses and whether it issufficient amount. Medical transport or evacuation due to natural disasters can also be very expensive. Tropical diseases, warfare or riots are also common exclusions. It is worth remembering that a free EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) is not the same as insurance. It operates exclusively in the European Union and does not cover all costs.

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How to choose Travel Insurance offers

You can find the best insurance offers on the VisitorsCoverage website, it has a wide range of insurance plans that cover all of the above-mentioned factors. You can choose a very high insurance amount at a reasonable price. The offer description is very detailed, so you can be sure what your insurance covers. An additional advantage of this broker is the fact that most of the companies available on this site have their headquarters in the USA. This facilitates the procedure in the event of an emergency and we are more confident that our insurance will work in America at all. Possible enforcement will be easier. You can choose insurance covering only the US area or covering the whole world.

The health care system in the USA is very well developed and, therefore, we have many options to choose from. General rules how it works can be found here: