Cheap Plane Tickets

How to find cheap plane tickets?

Nowadays, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Dreams about distant journeys are practically at your fingertips. All you need is to spend some time and energy to find the cheap flight tickets. We get the best prices by buying tickets online. The best search engines are Kayak and Skyscanner. After selecting the flight they redirect you to the websites of smaller airline ticket sellers. The Expedia is one of the search engines that deserves attention on the American market.

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The best day of the week to buy cheap plane tickets

Firstly Prices in individual search engines can significantly differ. Depending on the day of the week and even on the time of booking. There is no such thing as the best day to book flights or the best time of the day to buy plane tickets. You should check the ticket price on regularbasis, most search engines offer a price alert setting. Secondly many airlines organize their own promotions, for example PLL LOT (Polish Airlines LOT), provides the best prices on Wednesdays. Also the Ltur website has interesting offers. We will find there last minute tickets for flights starting in a few dozen hours.

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Procedure to reduce the price of airline ticket

The price of the selected ticket can also be checked on the direct airline site. Sometimes it can be reduced by the commission of search engines. Another option to reduce the price is to subscribe to the loyalty program, where we collect airline miles. Thanks to this, after earning the satisfactory number of miles, we can fly the selected route for a discount price, and sometimes even completely for free. There are different conversion rates, depending on the price, class, route and airlines we travel with.  The most popular programs for earning and transferring airline miles are Flying Blue and Miles & More. Miles can also be exchanged for material prizes, car rental or accommodation in a selected hotel chain. Another option to reduce the ticket price is to use the offer of an airline alliance. The largest are Star Aliance, Sky Team and Oneworld.

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How to avoid unpleasant surprises with cheap airline tickets?

To avoid unpleasant surprises It should be also checked whether in your dream time in a given region of the world there are no extreme weather phenomena. Price strangely different from the average should arouse our vigilance. It may turn out that at this time of year, hurricanes or floods usually occur in a given place. And it must be remembered that airlines in this case don’t refund the cost of a flight that will not take place for reasons beyond their control. A price that differs significantly from the average can also be the result of a mistake in the booking system. These are the best deals and they always last only for a very short period of time. To shoot such occasions, in some search engines you can set a price alert on the route we choose, which will automatically notify us of the best prices. However, you must take into account the fact that the line may cancel the ticket purchased at the price resulting from such a mistake.

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