How to find cheap accommodation?

Cheap accommodation is a basic element that you need to take care of when planning a trip. The cost of accommodation is usually the lion’s share of the entire budget for holidays. There are several tips and tricks presented below which you can put into practise to make your accommodation cheaper and more comfortable.

Cheap Accommodation-Houston,Texas


Cheap Accommodation – Hotels

The is the most popular and the convenient web site for lodging reservations, and thanks to its range it also offers the best prices. It checks contractors and guarantees that the offer and object actually exists. Which is not so obvious nowadays. If the hotel does not meet the booking conditions and requirements, the site deals with the enforcement of claims. If you are able to book one lodging for the whole stay, consider buying an airline ticket, renting a car and booking a hotel on one site. The most popular sites are kayak, skyscanner and expedia. To get the best rental rates, you can sign up for search engines partner programs. The best and recommended ones are: expedia,, agoda and hotelscombined.

Cheap accommodation-Motel, Montana

How to reduce cost of your stay in a hotel?

The largest hotel chains also have their loyalty programs that enable you to exchange collect points for a free stay or for a better room at the same price. On cardratings you can find a great variety of credit cards with benefits that can be used in hotel chains. In some of them it is allowed to use  discount coupons, which can be found on retailmenot and coupons. If you reserve a lodging at the last moment, try checking out the hoteltonight, the stay needs to start on the day of booking and can take up to 5 days. also offers very attractive promotions . A longer stay in a hotel significantly reduce the rate per night. Sometimes it’s worth booking a one-day longer stay as it can reduce the cost of the entire stay.

Cheap Accommodation-Motel, Arizona

If you intend to travel using public transport, it is worth focusing on the topography of the area you aim to explore. First of all, locate the railroad an subway ( if the city has any) stations. Then locate main and most suitable lines and terminals. Booking your accommodation near by will make it easier for you to move around the agglomeration. You can also save some time and money by choosing hotels situated away from the city center but still close to the subway station. They happen to be even half cheaper than those in the city center.

Cheap Accommodation-Metro Entrance Los Angeles

Couchsurfing, House Swapping and Housesitting

If you do not have any objections against receiving guests from around the world in your own home or even exchanging houses for your vacation time, you can use several services that will help you with that. The most popular services are Couchsurfing and hospitalityclub. Such services require payments from several dozen to several hundred dollars annually in exchange for access to the home base.

Cheap Accommodation-California Home

The most popular are: Home Exchange ($ 130 USD / yr), Love Home Swap ($ 240- $ 480 USD / yr) and Home For Exchange ($ 64 USD / yr). The third option is Housesitting, which means looking after the house during the absence of the owners, sometimes taking care of the animals left at home. The most popular websites are TrustedHousesitters ($ 96 USD / yr), Nomador ($ 89 USD / yr), House Carers ($ 50 USD / yr) and the popular in US LuxuryHousesitting ($ 25 USD / yr).

California State Route 1

Cheap Accommodation – Private Rooms

You can reduce your costs by renting a room in a private home, as this option is usually cheaper than the hotel offer. The location is also important – for a hotel room of a similar standard in the city center you will pay a lot more. You also have the opportunity to get to know and interact with local residents, which may be an advantage for some, but not for everyone. For those who value their privacy and do not want to make new acquaintances, there are several options that do not require meeting your host at all. Transfer money to your host, get the address of the apartment, padlock code on the door and there’s no need to meet your host in person. You can arrange everything online. The most popular portal with such offers is AirBnB, some less known are Vimdu, Homestay and Homeaway.

Ceacers Palace Hotel -Las Vegas

Ceacers Palace Hotel – Las Vegas

Cheap Accommodation – Renting RV

In the USA, it is worth considering renting a RV or sleeping under a tent. It can significantly reduce costs and increase the uniqueness of the trip. America is a country well adapted to that type of traveling, often chosen by the Americans themselves. There are many places for camping, each National Park offers such places.