Louisiana Airboat Tour

The Louisiana Airboat Tour is one of the attractions you can not miss while visiting the state of Louisiana. The whole state is very charming, it has a unique micro climate so that we can find rare flora and fauna in swamps. Its hallmark are hairy trees.

Louisiana Airboat tour

Most of the bases of companies that offer Airboats ride are just half an hour from the downtown of New Orleans. The trip can be bought directly at the offices of companies offering them just before departure, but it is better to book in advance. We then have confidence that the place on the boat awaits us. We can choose from several companies offering this type of attractions. Depending on the number of people on the boat from 6 to 14 and the length of the cruise from 45 to 90 min. Average prices start from 45 $ to 60 $ per person. You can also order a private tour then the prices are higher.

Louisiana Airboat tour

The ride itself is a unique experience. The roar of engines and the wind in your hair stay in your memory for a long time. Boat engines are very loud because of this each participant gets headphones to protect our hearing. We will also be instructed to keep our recording devices, headgear and other personal items firmly in place because they can easily fall out at high speed at high speed.

Louisiana Airboat Tour-Swamp of Louisiana
Louisiana Airboat Tour-Swamp of Louisiana

Louisiana Airboat Tour – Alligators

During the expedition, the boat slows down when the guide sees an interesting animal. The guides are very experienced and know perfectly where we can find the greatest attractions-alligators. Then the boat stops and turns so that all participants can take the best photos.

Louisiana Airboat Tour-Louisiana Alligator
Louisiana Alligators

The guides encourage alligators to swim throwing marshmallows towards them. Animals react to them, not because they like them so much, but because the white color they see the best and  they eat almost everything. They are descendants of prehistoric reptiles. For this reason, they are not very intelligent, have small brains, very poor eyes, so they are guided by primitive instincts.

Louisiana Airboat Tour-Alligator

In nature, they avoid contact with a human being. The receptors in the jaws allow them to detect the subtle movements of water and interpret them as a potential source of food. For this reason, if we throw food just next to the hull of a boat, they will hit the boat every time. They can not see her and can not remember that there is an object in this place and it should be avoided.

Alligators in Louisiana

You can hear all of this information and many more great stories from guides that speak English with a typical southern accent. At the end of the trip you can hold for a moment a small alligator caught earlier in the nearby swamps. Which, of course, is released into freedom as soon as he begins to slightly bite the hand of a man. It is a sign that he is hungry and should be returned to nature.

Louisiana Airboat Tour-Small alligator