Los Angeles does not need to be introduced to anyone. It is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. The metropolis has a lot to offer. Beginning from the beautiful  beaches Venice Beach, through Beverly Hills ,Rodeo Drive or Hollywood Walk of Fame, ending on the American Dream Factory (Hollywood). About less obivous attractions you will read later in this article.

Homs at Santa Monica Beach

For years, Los Angeles has been attracting people from all over the globe whose dream is to make a career in the film industry. It is here, like anywhere else, that you can admire the wealthof the world’s richest people, however you can also see how it’s not easy to everyone to live in here. This is a city of great contrasts, where, on one street, you face splendor and wealth, and just around the corner – crowds of homeless people. Arrivals and departures at the LAX airport are located on different floors so that the arriving visitors are not able to see the millions turned away and failed to meet their American dream. Los Angeles LAX Airport is located in the Inglewood district, where there is basically nothing interesting for tourists, but it is relatively close to Venice Beach, where I suggest to start sightseeing.

Venice Beach – hallmark of California

This district of Los Angeles owes its name to water channels built in 1905 on the pattern of Venetian canals. It’s most recognizable, of course, for its famous 3 mile wide beach and promenade filled with stalls and restaurants. While strolling around it, you can feel the real climate of California. You will meet countless hipster people, artists and, of course, crowds of tourists. At the beach you can also rent a bike, play volleyball or work out at the most famous open-air gym in Muscle Beach.

Los Angeles attractions-Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Venice Boardwalk

Venice Boardwalk

Los Angeles atrakcje-Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach

Los Angeles Attractions – Santa Monica

Heading further north, you will find yourself on Ocean Avenue- a street with a beautiful view of the beaches of Santa Monica. From here, you can go to the historic pier where there are always a lot of tourists, you can eat here, buy souvenirs or spend some time in the amusement park. This is, also, a place where the legendary Route 66 ends.

Ocean Avenue Santa Monica

Ocean Avenue-Santa Monica

Los Angeles atrakcje-Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Rodeo Drive – the most expensive street in the USA

It is here that you can find the most magnificent restaurants and stores of the best, luxurious brands, in front of which you might find parked the most splendid and exotic super cars. Everything here is full of glamour ad lavishness, and prices make ordinary peoples’ heads dizzy. Only the richest can afford shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills – The District of the Richest

Going further Santa Monica Blvd you will reach one of the most famous attractions in Los Angeles – Beverly Hills. It’s most famous thanks to the TV series: “Beverly Hills 90210” broadcasted back in the 1990s. It follows the lives of a group of teenagers living in the community of Beverly Hills and their journey from high school to adult world. “90210” refers to one of the district’s five authentic Zip Codes. For those who remember the series it will be easy to find familiar frames, as since the 1990s, not much has changed here. Evenly trimmed lawns, palm trees and the same villas worth tens of millions of dollars are still standing here today. Here and there you can meet more modern homes but there are definitely fewer of them. If you want to see the most modern villas of the richest from LA, I suggest going to the Hollywood Hills, where the residences often have several levels and grow literally from the rock. You’ll also find there several places from which you can admire the city skyline.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

House at Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Park

Beverly Hills Park

The Walk of Fame-Hollywood Boulevard

In reality it does not look like the image presented to us by the media, for example at the Oscars, but it’s worth getting here to form your own opinion. In fact, it is an ordinary street like many in LA, and it’s just the crowds of tourists who distinguish it from the rest of Hollywood. The greatest madness prevails in the Dolby Theater area, here the street is best maintained, and the stars are greatly polished. There are buses parked along the street, full of tourists from all over the world determined to take a picture of themselves at the chosen star or with one of people dressed as superheroes and other cartoon characters, the boulevard is full of.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Bulwar

Los Angeles atrakcje-Chinese Theatre

Chinese Theatre

Los Angeles atrakcje-Hollywood


Los Angeles Attractions – Downtown

When visiting the city, you can’t miss the downtown. Skyscrapers can be seen from a distance, but the years of splendor have been a long time behind them. It may seem familiar just because it has played a main part or a background in countless Hollywood movie productions. Most of the buildings come from the beginning of the 20th century and, unfortunately, only some of the renovations have been carried out, however,the modern design of Walt Disney Concert Hall deserves attention. This is a typical American business district; it does not stand out from the other American metropolises. Some of its parts are, unfortunately, also the main habitat for homeless people from all over Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the area has something in itself- it looks magnificent from a distance and, simply, has become a symbol of this city.

Downtown  Los Angeles

Downtown-Los Angeles

Los Angeles atrakcje-Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown-Los Angeles

Los Angeles atrakcje-Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles Attractions – Griffith Park

Before evening, it’s worth visiting Griffith Park and Observatory. The entrance is always crowded and it’s hard to find a free parking space close the main entrance. However, the view from the top is certainly worth a several hundred meters’ climb.  It’s a perfect spot to catch a panorama of the city. Unfortunately, to take a sharp photo, a camera in your mobile is not enough.  The view is absolutely breathtaking and is, certainly, to be remembered for a long time.

droga do Griffith park

 Griffith Park Road

Los Angeles atrakcje-Panoram Los Angeles z parku Griffith

 Griffith Park View

Petersen Automotive Museum

It is one of the lesser-known attractions of Los Angeles but, with no doubt, will arouse an interest not only in every motoring fan but also in amateurs. The building itself has a modern design and is architecturally appealing. There are several famous vehicles, known from the cult movies, exhibited in the museum, together with splendidly maintained, antique cars and motorcycles.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum -Batmobil


Petersen Automotive Museum-Old Bugatti

Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles Attractions – Film Studios

Film studios, which are a separate category, offer tourist visiting movie sets of the most iconic productions. They all promise unique experiences and are, definitely, worth seeing. There are number of studios to choose from: Warner Bros. Universal Studio, Sony Pictures i Paramount Pictures. Touring each of them takes from several hours up to the whole day, the detailed offer can be found here:

Warner Bros.Sony Pictures , Universal StudiosParamount Pictures

Los Angeles atrakcje-Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Los Angeles Attractions – Long Beach

Long Beach is located only 30 km away from Downtown LA, but to get here you need at least an hour.  The reason for that are congestion and traffic jams present everywhere. However, in return, you will be rewarded with beautiful sights and sandy beaches less crowded than those in Santa Monica.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Long Beach

Long Beach

Long Beach

Long Beach

Long Beach Beach

Long Beach beach

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is located in the southern part of Hollywood. It’s the best place to purchase extraordinary, unique clothes. Fancy stores, with original outfits, can be found here, some of which are really extravagant. Prices are varied, so if you look carefully, there should be no problem with finding something for yourself. The entire street has its own, punk character. Apart from stores, there are several tattoo salons and restaurants to be found in here.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue

Surroundings of Los Angeles

Leaving the city in any direction you will always find something interesting. Going north towards Angeles Forest, you can admire such views.

Los Angeles Góry
Los Angeles atrakcje-Angeles Forest
Lake in angeles Forest

Two hours drive east and you will find yourself in a real desert in Joshua Tree National Park.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Park Narodowy Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park.

 Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

Roks in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

Coming west you’ll be on one of the most spectacular routes in the entire United States-Highway Number 1, it runs along the ocean shore between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Los Angeles atrakcje-Highway Number 1

Highway Number 1

Highway Number 1

Highway Number 1

Los Angeles atrakcje-Malibu


Morro Bay

Morro Bay

Sunset at USA Highway Number 1

Sunset at Highway Number 1