Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. If you plan a trip around USA, Las Vegas is a fundamental place to stop on the way. Many tourists come to see the city while exploring the West Coast. The journey from California to Nevada, itself, is an interesting experience. Along the way you can admire the wide open spaces cut across by tracks which seem to reach beyond the horizon.

Road to Las Vegas

The city does not impress in daylight. Its real charm can be experience only after dark, when the main street- The Strip is illuminated with millions of colorful lights. Luxury hotels, night clubs, restaurants and ever-present neon signs- all glitter with countless colors. And it’s only then that the real spirit of “Sin City” is unveiled. No wonder Americans tend to say: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”cool

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Attractions – The Strip

Here you can find the most famous resorts and hotels, such as Bellagio, where you can admire the mesmerizing performances of the Fountains of Bellagio or see the legendary Caesars Palace, known, for example, from “The Hangover”.

Caezars Palace Hotel

Caezars Palace

Strolling along the Stripe you can appreciate also the replica of Eiffel Tower or Venetian canals located in the Venetian Resort Hotel and many other hotels, all of which have something interesting to offer.

Las Vegas atrakcje-Hotel Venetian

Hotel Venetian

Las Vegas atrakcje-Stirp

Off course, the main attractions in Vegas are its famous casinos that are to find in almost every hotel and resort in the city. The admissions are free and there are no dress codes. In some of the casinos it is even possible to get free drinks

Hotel Luxor

Hotel Luxor

It is important to always have your ID with you as there’s a rule in US that a person looking under 45 can be asked for the ID. Drinking alcohol is allowed in public, even on the street.

Corvette in Las Vegas Casino

It is believed that the Strip never sleeps. I recommend avoiding weekend stays as the crowds are the greatest right then and prices for the rooms are much higher. We were there in the middle of the week and our impressions were quite different. 

Las Vegas atrakcje-Hotel Flamingo

The sidewalks are deserted around 1 a.m. as most of the people are already in the casinos or in their hotel rooms and the cleaning services start to appear on the streets. If you’re going to get around on foot, the choice of the hotel is very important in the respect of the distance.  The distances may not seem impressive on the map but the reality might be surprising.

Hotel Encore

Finding a free parking slot in the area is very difficult, using a hotel parking is the only option sometimes. Therefore I advise to wear some comfortable shoes and a warm coat as the temperatures at nights tend to be very low.

Las Vegas Strip
Hotel Mirage

It takes about 1,5h to walk from the Bellagio, which is located somewhere in the middle of the boulevard, to the Stratosphere located at the end of the boulevard. It’s quite a distance to be walked on your foot. Besides, nearby the Circus Hotel the neighborhood seems to change and it looks not safe to walk around there by night.

Las Vegas Encore Casino

What to do in Las Vegas?

Apart from an obvious choice of playing in a casino, the city offers you many other attractions, out of which the most interesting are concerts of famous music artists and other performers that the city is full of.  Tickets for the shows need to be bought in advance but there is still an option to buy them at the day of the event, sometimes even 50% cheaper. There are several points, alongside the Strip, offering such tickets. If you want to admire the spectacular 360-degree views of the city go to the Ferris wheel or observation tower in Stratosphere Hotel.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

It’s 350 m high and there are a restaurant and an entertainment park at the top of it, offering thrilling experiences and extreme attractions. If you are into shopping, there are some outlet centers providing very low prices.

Stratosphere Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel 

We can of course get married in one of the famous Las Vegas chapels.

Las Vegas chapel

After the sunset, you can visit Freemont Street Experience. It’s a seven-block entertainment district built up from video screens. It features light shows and animations supported by music playing from the great loudspeakers. You can also find Neon Museum in here. Those who love cars might be interested in visiting in The Auto Collections in LINQ Hotel.  It’s one of the biggest showrooms with vintage cars in the world.

You can see the view from the online camera located in Las Vegas here

Las Vegas – Surroundings

While touring Vegas it’s advised to visit Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon as they are situated close to Vegas. Quite an interesting option is a flight over the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. 

Bridge near Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam