Visiting Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is the brightest star among the natural attractions of the east coast of the USA. It is really one big swamp overgrown with subtropical vegetation. With luck, we can see many unique species of animals here.

Everglades Road
 Visiting Everglades National Park-Anhinga Trial
 Visiting Everglades National Park-Anhinga Trial


The park is located only about 70 km from the Miami airport. On the way from the city you can see farms with palm trees and other tropical plants. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete this route.
Palm Trees in Florida
Palm Trees, Florida

It is one of the largest national parks in the USA. However, the current area of the Park is only 1/5 of its original size. The Everglades swamp is one of the few areas not affected by human hand. We can find here cypress forests, mangrove forests and breeding grounds of many endangered species.

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Visiting Everglades National Park 

The most popular way to explore the park is of course a multi-person boat ride called the Airboat. They are the symbol of Florida. It is a flat boat with a large windmill at the rear which drives two large-capacity diesel engines. All film swamps are realized with them in the main role. The area is huge. Selected parts of it can be explored by car, but some only on foot or by boat.
 everglades swamps
 Visiting Everglades National Park-Anhinga Trial

We can visit the Everglades on your own or an organized group with a guide. It is the largest area of wild subtropical nature in the USA. To visit at only part of the park you have to reserve at least the whole day.

 Visiting Everglades National Park-Anhinga Trial
 Visiting Everglades National Park-Anhinga Trial

Everglades National Park – Animals

We can encounter many species of plants and animals (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians) but the main attraction are primarily American alligators and crocodiles. This is the only place in the world where both species coexist under natural conditions.

 Visiting Everglades National Park-Alligator
 Visiting Everglades National Park-Alligators

In the park there are many trails and viewing platforms from which we can admire them. Which does not mean that we can not meet them on the trail outside the designated zones. Although alligators are not particularly aggressive, there are many signs in the park that warn against getting too close to these wild animals.

Everglades- Alligator
Everglades- Grasshopper
Everglades- Birds

One of the predators endangered with extinction is the Florida panther. In the summer it is very hot and humid, which can be a big obstacle for people who are not used to such conditions.


Visiting Everglades National Park – Practical Tips

The park is huge and if you have limited time you have to decide which part you want to visit. In summer, take sunscreen and mosquito spray with you. Before you enter the Park, take care of a full tank. There are very few gas stations in the area. The best time to visit the Park is between December and March. The best starting point to the Park is the Homestead. You will find several hotels there, as well as you can eat at a reasonable price.

Everglades-Anhinga Trial