Shopping in USA

Shopping is for many tourists an essential element of every foreign trip. The United States is one of the best countries in the world in this respect. We can find here the widest range of products and the lowest prices.

Shopping in USA-Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive -Los Angeles

Shopping in the USA – Tax

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the checkout, remember that in the US the prices of products are given before tax. It is added only when making a payment. Its height differ in individual states, but an average it is 7%.

Shopping in USA-Halloween in Wallmart


Shopping in Usa – The cheapest stores

The best prices of various products can be found in three very similar store chains: ROSS, Marshalls and TJ-MAXX. You can find them all over the United States and you can buy almost everything in them. Beginning from cosmetics, clothes, handbags (including large travel suitcases), to sports accessories, shoes, small electronics and home furnishings. These outlets sell branded products, e.g., from previous collections, at reduced prices.

Shopping in USA-ROSS Las Vegas

ROSS – Las Vegas

Shopping in USA-Marshalls department store



Shopping in the USA – What is cheaper than in Europe?

You will notice the biggest savings by buying clothes from American brands such as Tommy Hilfinger, Levi’s, DKNY or Calvin Klein, where for example, T-shirts for $ 10 are the norm. These and many other brands can be found in a sort of outlet towns located near big cities or on highways. If you do not have your own transport, many large outlet centers provide their own transport services to the most popular locations in a given city. More expensive clothes can be found in shopping centers such as: KHOL’S, NordStromRack and Dillard’s. Even there the prices are competitive in relation to those in Europe. Electronics are also cheaper, especially Apple products, and can also be bought, except official iStore, on the BestBuy.

Shopping in USA-Shopping mall Houston, Texas

Shopping mall – Houston, Texas

Shopping in the USA – Basic products

The most popular chain of hypermarkets in the States is Wallmart, and you can find its shops virtually everywhere. Wallmart is a typical general store, where you will find almost everything: from food, through clothes, toys, electronics, to firearms and ammunition, which is available only in some states. The second popular retailer store chain is the Target .

Shipping in USA-Wallmart superstore


Shopping in USA-Firearm in Wallmart

Firearm – Wallmart

The food of a better quality and, also, at the higher price can be found in the Whole Foods network.