Real America-Walk of  Fame, Los Angeles

Walk of  Fame – Los Angeles

Real America- Homeless  at Venice Beach

Venice Beach – Los Angeles

REal America- Poor New Orleans

New Orlean’s

Real America-New Orleans

New Orleans

Real America-Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Real America – Homelessness

In large metropolises the problem of homelessness is very visible.

Real America-San Francisco Homeless

San Francisco

San Francisco Homeless

San Francisco

Real America-San Francisco

San Francisco

Real America-Los Angeles Homeless tents

Los Angeles

 Miami Beach Homelessness

Miami Beach

Real America

America is a country of great opportunities, however the level of affluence in some places is far from the standard European image of rich America.

Home Trailers in Usa
Real America-Poor New Orleans

New Orleans

Real America-Ghost Town in Usa

Ghost Town

Old Cars Usa
Real america-Poor House Utah
Old building


Despite the problems, the United States is still one of the most wonderful countries in the world. There are many things you can see there that you will not find anywhere else.

Real America-historic Town Usa
Real America-Check station in Yosemite National Park
Real America-House on track
Real America-Horses, Montana
Real America-Oil pumps,Texas
Old Trucks
Old Movie theater,Los Angeles