Nowadays, we need access to wireless internet practically everywhere. It does not matter whether we are going on holiday or visiting the US for business purposes. When choosing a method of accessing the internet in the United States, we have several options to choose from. Starting from free access points, by using offers from local mobile operators offering 4G / LTE Internet, ending with using your own mobile operator.

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Free Mobile Internet in the USA

We get free internet access at most gas stations, practically all fast food restaurants, cafes such as Starbuks and similar places. We do not even have to enter them. All you need to do is to be close to them, to be within range of the wireless network. Accept terms & conditions and after a while you enjoy the free internet. The time of using can be limited.

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Wireless Internet in the USA – Mobile Hotspot

If you are going on a trip with a larger group, it is a viable option to purchase a Mobile Hotspot device. It allows you to use broadband Internet access through several devices at the same time. The device fits into your pocket, so you can take it with you virtually everywhere. It connects to the cellular network within the range of the transmitters. The most popular providers of this equipment in the US are the largest communications service providers. The device is easiest to buy in the Walmart. Sometimes it can be even cheaper  than the same device bought directly in the Authorized Retailers. Detailed tariff plans can be found here: At & T, Verizon , T-Mobile , Virgin Mobile.
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Mobile Internet in the USA – Free Internet in hotels

Free internet for its guests is guaranteed by the vast majority of hotels and motels in the USA. The access password for the wifi network is available when checking in at the reception. The range usually includes the whole building and the surrounding area. The speed of the Internet is different in each hotel. However it is sufficient for browsing.

Free  Mobile Internet – Campsites and Campsites in the USA

Only some campsites offer internet for their guests. Internet access usually has those close to major cities. There will be no access in national parks. You will only have access to the Internet within the office where you make the reservation.


Internet on the Go – USA

 In USA mobile internet services for a limited time without signing a contract have the common name “Internet on the Go“. We can choose the so-called “Go Phones”- a smartphone with a pre-paid subscription and limited amount of data to be used. The prices of such phones start at $ 45. if we exceed the transfer limit, we can refill it with cards of different capacity (prepaid internet cards). Cards we will buy for most Target or Walmart stores or at gas stations. The second option is to use your own smartphone and buy the so-called the Starter Kit. If your phone has no SIM-lock and is no older than a few years, there is a good chance that it will work in any network in the US.  You can check if your phone will be working abroad, on the Willmyphonework website or on the website of the operator you choose. Please note if the selected starter kit has a SIM card. If it don’t, you have to pay for it, depending on the operator, from a dozen to several dozen dollars. The cheapest you will buy it in any Walmart or BestBuy store. If you want someone to help you with the configuration of such a set in your smartphone, it is better to go to the store of the service provider. You will pay a little more, but you do not worry about the configuration and you are sure that your phone will work in the US. Current tariff plans can be found here: T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint.

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