The cuisine in America is very diverse. Depending on the region, we can find here European influences from the colonial times, exotic dishes from newcomers from Africa, South America and Asia.

Route 66 Restaurant

Food in the USA – Prices

America is the land of immigrants and every nation living in this area has contributed something, in many cities we can find entire neighborhoods of immigrants, in which we can eat dishes prepared not worse than on their native land. The hallmark of American cuisine is steaks, burgers and barbecue ribs. Here they taste best. For a steak in a middle class restaurant such as Applebee’s, we will pay between $ 12-20, depending on the size and type of steak. Barbecue ribs cost between $ 12-15. Water is free everywhere. America is a country of fast food and we will find the most food here. The king of fast food is a burger. The cheapest fast food is of course McDonald’s. The menu looks very similar to the one found in Europe. The restaurants themselves are, however, neglected and decorated to a lower standard, the sandwiches are the same size as in Europe, drinks can be added as many times as we like. For two Big mac sandwiches in promotion price we will pay 5$ .

McDonald's w USA


Food in the USA – Where to eat and not go broke?

The best in our opinion, the network of burgers is Smashburger. we ate there several times in various states and it was always delicious, except for Smashburger in New Orleans where food was stuck away from standard quality, besides in New Orleans there is much better things to try with a local sandwich called Po-boy or gumbo soup headed by.

 Gumbo and Poboy Sandwich

 Gumbo and Po-boy

The second place in our ranking of the best burgers in the USA is taken by burgers from Five Guys. Maybe they do not look too attractive but the taste is at the highest level. The hallmark of the restaurant is free peanuts, they are in large bags of a dozen or so kilos.

Five Guys Burger's

 Five Guys Burger’s

In third place there are burgers loved by Anthony Bourdain, served in IN-N-OUT

Zestaw w IN-N-OUT

IN-N-OUT Burger’s

Wnętrze IN-N-OUT


America is a beef country. All the steaks we ate were delicious. Besides, I recommend trying seafood because they are very fresh here. 

American Steak

Sandwich with crisps
Sandwich with the meat-USA


Depending on the state, we can try the original Mexican or Caribbean cuisine.

Mexican food in USA

Mexican Food 

Wielka kanapka Subway


In many larger cities we will meet different types of Asian cuisine.

Koreańska Zupa Yup Dduk

Korean Yup Dduk Soup

Restauracja Koreatown-Los Angeles

 Koreatown-Los Angeles

Food in the USA – Breakfast

A separate category are breakfasts. In the hotel up to 100 $ per night for breakfast included in the price usually we have a choice of scrambled eggs, several types of cereal, milk, toast, waffles, fruit, coffee and juices. But you can also can hit a hotel where for breakfast there will only be coffee, juice and something sweet. We hit that kind of hotel in Los Angeles-twiceyell. That’s why you need to watch how the breakfast looks like at the hotel website. Accommodation with breakfast included costs usually a dozen or so dollars more and  it may not pay off.

Hotel Breackfast-Los Angeles

breakfast Denny's

 Denny’s Breakfast

Food in the USA – Food in supermarkets

In Walmart stores there is a lot of ready food that we can reheat the microwave oven. Non-processed food and Bio, fresh vegetables and fruits are more expensive. Everything is in large volumes, milk in 1 gallon containers, we can not buy one beer. We have to buy at least six pack. In Walmart there are usually also fast food chains like McDonald’s and so on .

Food in Walmart


Food in the USA -Desserts

In America you will also find a variety of desserts. An example of an unprecedented sweet snack are apples covered with various types of toppings and sprinkled with additives.

apples in sweet glaze
apple in caramel