Renting a car in the United States is relatively easy. The industry is very well developed and thanks to that we have many choices. We only rent cars online, we have then a guarantee of the best price.

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Most rentals require a credit card and a deposit. In some rentals you can use a debit card, but then you have to read the terms of the contract for a particular rental and what it covers. Insurance in the United States is bought on the driver not on the car. LDW (Low Damage Waiver) is a must have option for visitors from outside the US.  Sometimes  it is called CDW (Collision Damage Wiver). In good rentals, it abolishes its own contribution and covers all costs in case of damage or theft of the car. Another important insurance is SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance). It is not obligatory, it covers costs related to third party claims, and each rental has a different insurance coverage. This is usually the most expensive insurance, but claims of third parties, especially in the USA, can be sky-high.
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The third insurance that you should consider is Road Side Assistance. This is roadside assistance in random cases. If the car breaks down, the rental company will give you a new car in a few hours. In order for insurance to protect us, the car may be run only by us or verified additional driver’s. A driver under 25 years old will pay a higher rate for rental. You should also check whether the rental has an unlimited mileage option.
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Car Renting USA – National Car Rental

After analyzing many offers, we recommend National  Car Rental. We used their services several times and drove their cars several thousand miles. They have the best prices. Cars have always been in great condition with low mileage and the service was nice and professional. Rentals brokers or search engines usually give the rental price without additional insurance and various types of fees. However, in National Car Rental the price that we will see booking online is the final price. Includes all fees and insurance which we choose during the booking process. We do not even need to know English well. We go to the rental office, show for example, (from the phone) our booking number. The employee asks us for an ID card and credit card. We sign a contract and that’s it. We can go pick up the car. If we know the date of our holiday, we make the booking as soon as possible. The closer to our flight prices usually increase. But it can also happen that the price will drop for some time and then we can cancel our reservation and book again at a new better price. In USA there are various types of discount coupons, one of the pages on which you can find them is retailmenot.

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Cheap Car Renatl USA (National Car Rental)

To get the best rental price at  National, go to the website and on the bottom of the page click  Back to Our Classic Site

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Then if we are from outside the US. We change our citizenship to proper and thanks to that we have a lower rental price and LDW insurance is included in the price.

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We always choose the smallest Economy class car, because it is the cheapest and on the rental office it may turn out that they do not have an available vehicle of this class and for the same price they will offer you a bigger one. I recommend you sign up for the Emerald Club affiliate program, we are members and although we do not make a reservation using our Emerald Club account (then the price is higheryell) We always book in guest mode. Each time we were offered a car with Emerald Aisle. You have got there dozen cars of various classes and sizes. There you can choose any car you want and you will pay the economy class price.  In addition you collect points for the Emerald Club account.

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